Arsenal Q Hubset


Arsenal Q Hubset



The Arsenal Q is a very light hubset that uses J-bend spokes so you can build up a light and strong wheelset.

When building up a wheel of your dreams you need to start with a good base and the Arsenal Q is perfectly suited for the task. This hubset weighs less than 300 grams and will allow you to build up a seriously light wheelset if you pick the right rims. It has tall enough flanges that you will get a stiff wheel, even if you build it up using soft alloy rims.

Our high-quality Premium Bearings create a solid foundation for the Arsenal Q hub. You will build up a smooth and robust wheelset regardless of the rim you choose.

100 mm (f) and 130 mm (r)

Spoke Holes
20 (f) and 24 (r)

Bearing Type

285 g


2 Year Warranty
Premium Bearings



Spacing Road
Material Aluminium
Spoke Holes 20 (f) and 24 (r)
Spoke Type J-Bend
Bearing Count 2 (f) and 4 (r)
Bearing Type Premium
Cassette Compatibility Shimano HG / SRAM XDR / Campy
Weight 77 g (f) / 208 g (r), total: 285 g
Brake Compatibility No
Product Code TK1971
TK2754 (Shimano Cassette Body)
TK2742 (Campy Cassette Body)
TK2725 (SRAM XDR Cassette Body)