Shark Tail Skewers

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Shark Tail Skewers



TOKEN Shark Tail skewers are a great way to upgrade an often-overlooked part of your bike. They come in four colours that either blend in nicely or stand out and get noticed.

So why did these little beauties win design awards? Well, the Shark Tail has a small lip on the edge of the lever. This lip gives your fingers a place to hook onto when loosening the lever to remove your wheel. When reinstalling the wheel, you can use the hook to spin the skewer round and tighten faster. When closing the lever, the flat shape makes it easier to get leverage and close the skewer tightly with less pressure on your hand. Pretty cool we thought.

One of the less obvious features is the option to upgrade to a titanium Y-Cut axle. We milled out all the unwanted material to make it lighter, but the Y shape doesn’t compromise on strength. All these features make the Shark Tail perfect for both road and mountain bike applications.

78.5 g / set (road)



2 Year Warranty
Y-Cut Axle



Weight 78.5 g / set (road)
Material Stainless steel axle
Spacing 100 mm (f) / 130 mm (r)
Colours Black
Product Code TK220