Valve Lengthener


Valve Lengthener



The TOKEN valve lengtheners are available in a range of sizes so you can get the perfect match for your tubes and rim depth. Simply thread on these lengtheners to your valves and inflate to the correct pressure with ease. They have been specially made for use with thread-on pumps and come with O-rings so they don’t leak air and you can get the correct pressure.



2 Year Warranty



Material Aluminium
Colours Black
Size 33 mm, for use with 38 mm rims, weight 2.8 g
48 mm, for use with 55 mm rims, weight 4.4 g
72 mm, for use with 85 mm rims, weight 8.8 g
100 mm, for use with 85+ mm rims, weight 10 g
Product Code TK3302 - 33 mm
TK3312 - 48 mm
TK3322 - 72 mm
TK3332 - 100 mm