Valve Extenders


Valve Extenders



The TOKEN valve extenders are available in a range of sizes so you can get the perfect match for your tubes and rim depth. Simply pull out the valve core on your current valves, install the extenders, reinstall the cores and you can inflate your tyres to the correct pressure with ease. They’re available in any colour you want, as long as it’s black.



2 Year Warranty



Material Aluminium
Colours Black
Size 20 mm, for use with 20-30 mm rims, weight: 2 g
30 mm, for use with 31-40 mm rims, weight: 3.5 g
40 mm, for use with 41-50 mm rims, weight: 4.5 g
50 mm, for use with 51-60 mm rims, weight: 6 g
60 mm, for use with 61-70 mm rims, weight: 7.5 g
70 mm, for use with 71-80 mm rims, weight: 9 g
100 mm, for use with 81+ mm rims, weight: 13 g
Product Code TF20 - 20 mm
TF30 - 30 mm
TF40 - 40 mm
TF50 - 50 mm
TF60 - 60 mm
TF70 - 70 mm
TF100 - 100 mm