ZENITH Road Racing

If you are a rider who wants the best, you want Zenith level components. We design and build Zenith level components for riders who ride several days a week, every week of the year. We expect you to race on them and train on them and be very demanding. We know you’ve been riding for years and know the difference between what works and what doesn’t. We aren’t worried that you’ll compare our components to other brands because we are confident that they’ll meet your high expectations. Zenith-level components are built to help you get where you’re going sooner.

PRIME Road Racing

The Prime range is meant for riders who want a balance between performance and durability. The have some hightech features but we expect that you’re sometimes going to go off the beaten track with these parts and we are confident that they will stand up to the abuse. If you find yourself riding a couple of days a week then components in the Prime category are likely what you’re going to be interested in.

RESOLUTE Road Racing

Ah, the most mixed road category of all. Resolute parts are for riders who want something that lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance. This means the parts are good for beginners who are upgrading their bikes for the first time or for experienced riders who want something for their second, third or fourth bike (ie. winter bike). Regardless of what kind of rider you are, Resolute parts are meant to be ridden hard, put away wet and be ready next time you want to ride. You can expect this because all the components in this category use long-proven designs that are chosen for their ability to perform despite neglect.

MTX Mountain

Some people like to go fast all the time and for you, there’s the MTX line. We design these parts to be light so you can climb hills faster but tough enough to take the abuse that a hardtail bike with 100mm of front travel dishes out when screaming down a rock and root covered ribbon of singletrack. These components aren’t meant to be used to bomb down the trails at your local DH course but they will make you happy if you want your bike to be light and responsive.

Vigilante Mountain

The weekday grind can wear a person down but there is an antidote: quit your job and live like a hermit. If that’s not practical then you can always get away to where the hermits live, deep in the mountains. To get there and back in time for work then you’ll need something that can take the punishment from several hours on the bike over less than smooth terrain, whether it’s a nasty piece of singletrack or a horribly rutted fire road. The Vigilante components aren’t as light as the MTX parts but they are designed to be ridden hard both going up and down.